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What Are The Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid?

Any attempt at weight loss can sometimes become overwhelming. Besides, many people often struggle to lose weight. Out of sheer desperation to lose a few pounds, many may resort to extreme measures. While doing so, they are bound to make mistakes. In such a situation, we advise you to follow a sustainable, realistic, and achievable weight loss approach, such as Modest Medix’s. Our weight loss programs in Ontario, Canada, are customized for you, considering your genes, habits, medical history, etc., to help you achieve a healthy weight.

10 Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

Certain weight loss mistakes can harm you and make you frustrated if they don’t offer the desired results. This section will discuss a few weight loss mistakes you should avoid when trying to lose weight.

Focusing on numbers on the scale

It might excite you to notice a reduction in numbers on a scale. However, excess focus on numbers is not the right weight loss approach. Doing so can frustrate you if you reach a plateau or don’t observe any further improvement. Instead of a number on a scale, you should aim to achieve your Best Weight. It is easy to maintain, allows you to do everything you want, and makes you feel healthy and happy.

Exercising too much or not at all

You will lose fat and some muscle mass during your weight loss journey. In this situation, if you choose not to exercise at all while restricting your calorie intake, it can increase the loss of more muscle mass, thereby affecting your metabolic rate. Exercise can help boost fat loss, maintain proper metabolism, and reduce the lean mass you will lose. Having more lean mass helps you lose weight effectively and maintain the results.On the other hand, overexercise is not sustainable or healthy. Consult your weight loss coach regarding the right amount of exercise to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Inadequate sleep

People often lose sleep due to hectic schedules and stress. Inadequate sleep can trigger changes in hormones responsible for maintaining hunger and satiety. It can result in overeating. Hence, doctors suggest getting at least seven to eight hours of restful sleep can help improve your health, support weight loss efforts, and even reduce the risk of health issues, such as heart ailments, diabetes, etc.

Not planning meals

Meal planning gives you more choices over the food you eat. In addition, it helps save time grocery shopping, get meals faster on the table and cause less stress, remove impulsive and poor food choices, and achieve a healthy weight. Our dietitian can help develop a structured meal plan to ensure you get adequate nutrients throughout the day and help you lose weight effectively.

Eating calories either too much or too few

Not everyone’s body processes calories in the same way. However, you need to burn more calories than you earn to lose weight. Therefore, you need to identify the number of calories you are burning based on your daily activities, lifestyle, metabolic rate, etc., to determine how much calories you should consume. Overestimating or underestimating the calorie burn can result in you consuming too much or too few calories. Our obesity physicians in Ontario, Canada, can help formulate a meal and exercise plan to aid in your weight loss.

Not consuming enough protein

Protein intake is crucial to build muscles, boost calorie burn, and help in hormone regulation. In addition, as protein takes longer to digest, it helps you feel fuller. Hence, dietitians suggest not limiting protein intake to dinner only. Instead, you should consume protein during your breakfast and lunch. It will help prevent cravings for snacks between meals.

Ignoring portion sizes

If people are served more, they will eat more. Many people tend to ignore the importance of controlling portions. It can have many benefits. These include improved digestion, feeling energized throughout the day, managing blood glucose levels, and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Wondering how to control your portions? The following tips can help you.

  • Use smaller dinnerware
  • Planning your meals in advance
  • Avoid eating directly out of a package
  • Pre-portion your leftovers for easy pickup and go
  • Understanding calorie intake and output

Too much mindless snacking

Snacking can help you to avoid overeating in your next meal. However, eating too many snacks due to emotional eating, Night Eating Syndrome, etc., can do you more harm. In such cases, you can make specific time for snacks to avoid overeating. Besides, you need to make healthy food choices for snacks, such as food rich in fibre and protein, to support your weight loss efforts. Sometimes, your dietitian can recommend meal replacement shakes to help you feel fuller for a long time to prevent your snack cravings.

Not having the right mindset

A healthy weight-loss approach believes in ‘no cheat days’ and eating everything in moderation. However, if you associate guilt with food, it cannot help in achieving a healthy outcome. Many individuals start feeling guilty whenever they have fries or dessert. As a result, they start telling themselves to postpone their weight loss efforts the day after. This type of all-or-nothing mindset is not healthy. Our physicians and dietitians can help identify your habits and obstacles to keeping your weight off. Accordingly, they will help you accept weight gain factors beyond your control. Next, they will help you build healthy habits and commit to those behaviours to help you achieve a healthy weight efficiently.

Choosing trendy diet

When trying to lose weight, many people commit the mistake of following a trendy diet. You need to understand everyone’s body works differently. As a result, a diet that might have worked for your friend, a family member or an acquaintance may not work for you. For instance, a low-carb or no-carb diet plan is neither healthy nor sustainable. As a result, if you stop following the diet, you will soon regain all the weight lost.

Can Modest Medix Help?

Modest Medix is a medical weight management center in Ontario that offers customized solutions to help individuals achieve their best weight. Our MD will perform an initial assessment of your health and medical history to devise a customized treatment plan. It will include a structured meal plan, an achievable exercise plan, value-based behaviour therapy, etc., to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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